A Thrilling Ride to Remember
Dec 10, 2020

Red Pulsar 150 Twin Disc with Rider beside the Sea

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“I think as bikers, while we are travelling, we should be extra conscious. Because bikers are more conscious than 10 other people, either on the road or anywhere else.Nowadays, while looking at pictures of Sajek and Bandarban, we see we have polluted the place by dumping dirty bottles and packets there. Not only that, we go to such places where we should not go using bikes and harm that very spot, tarnishing the image of our fellow bikers.”

These were the words of Julfiker Ahmed Siam, a veteran Pulsar NS160 user. He has completed his MBA from American International University and is known around the community for doing solo trips all over Bangladesh. From October 21 to 29, he was on tour travelling all the districts of Chittagong division on Pulsar 150 Twin Disc and one can hear the thrill from words as he recounts them.

“I started my journey from Dhaka on 21st October, the first place I visited was Khagrachori. From Khagrachori I went straight to Sajek. I reached Sajek at around 12:30 PM in the afternoon. After roaming Sajek, I went to Rangamati. As Rangamati is 55-60 Kilometers away from Khagrachori zero point, it can be reached by a single ride.  But I did stop to take some pictures of the high-low hilly roads, small hills and the jhum fields. After wandering Rangamati, I went to Bandarban. From Ruma, Bandarban I went to Thanchi, staying at the Shimanta Obokash. From Thanchi I went to Cox’s Bazar and stayed the night there. From Cox’s Bazar straight to Dhaka”, he said in a single breath.

All the roads from this tour are very well known to him. One can go there by using Google Maps, he said, maps are very accurate now for the well known roads and highways.

The first question that comes to mind while hearing about tours like this, what should be included in the planning, as no mistakes can be made. Responding to this question, Siam answered that, by trusting the Weather forecast he didn’t bring a raincoat. Forecast predicted that the weather would be sunny, but in reality it rained heavily for a few days.

Apart from raincoat, one should always bring necessary clothes, riding boots, tools for instant support, mobile charger, power bank, safety gear etc.

The safety gear must contain a riding jacket, knee cover, helmet, riding boot, hand gloves etc. especially for long tours like this.

Another question that comes to mind in case of rides like this is, whether the roads are safe for travelling at night. Siam told us that the road from Chittagong to Shitakundu, or the road at Chakaria, Cox’s Bazar is not that safe. While using these roads, people should be extra careful. Taking breaks while travelling on these roads is not suggested. 

‘I enjoyed the ride very much, mainly because the Pulsar 150 Twin Disc is very comfortable,’ says Siam. But he personally thinks that, regardless of the biker and the bike, rest should be taken after every 100 Kilometers. The service points and their locations should be noted down previously in case of emergency. Apart from these, Siam further said that one can get a lot of information and help from different biker groups on Facebook.

“The expense of rides like these totally depends on the rider. You can eat Kacchi 3 time a day or can eat bread and bananas; you can stay in a 5-star hotel or can stay at a hotel of average standard. But I personally feel that for personal safety 6-7 thousand taka is enough”, said Siam.


The people of Bangladesh are very helpful, especially towards the tourists. They come forward to help you like you’re one of their own.

You will be able to know yourself better after a solo ride. You get the leisure time to think about your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re tensed or disappointed about anything, by surrendering yourself to nature, you find peace.

Group rides are of course exciting, but solo rides have a different kind of excitement.

He advised all the new riders to take advice from the biker groups before going on long rides. Every biker is helpful. So, whenever any rider faces any problem, all the other riders come forward to help him.

Servicing the bike, bringing the necessary accessories and knowing the service points; Siam believes these are essential for any new rider.

The routes for the tour can be organized according to the person’s own will. Some want to end it with the mountains, some with the ocean. On the basis of this, the route should be organized.

You will have to set your time table depending on which spots you’re willing to visit. Siam again requested everyone not to litter in those areas. Whenever he didn’t find a dustbin, he carried the water bottles and chips packets in his backpack until he found one, or he dumped them straight at the hotel.

“The Tribal community is very helpful. If we go there and litter all over the place, they probably wouldn’t say anything directly to our face but they are the ones who clean up afterwards. We should be conscious too and keep our country and our spots clean."

“Also, don’t break any traffic rules while going out on a ride. Trying to enjoy too much on a ride which might cost you more than you think.” 

“If you’re in any sort of stress or facing a lot of pressure from the office, you can take a Thrilling ride like this one. Trust me, riding your bike on the hilly roads refreshes your mind. And if you come across the rain, although you have to be a bit more careful, but your mind will get refreshed for sure”, this was Siam’s feeling after finishing the almost 2000 KM ride on Pulsar 150 Twin Disc.

Julfiker Ahmed Siam's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JulfukerAhmedSiam