Discover 110 Price in Bangladesh 2022 [Bajaj Official]
Jan 30, 2022


The Bajaj Discover 110 falls under the category of commuter bikes. This is a fierce segment to compete in.This may not be the case for other countries, but as long as the subcontinent is concerned where the buying capability of people is limited, budget is a huge factor. That’s why the 110cc segment is saturated with many offerings from different brands. The Bajaj Discover 110 price in Bangladesh is also set in a way to compete in this very segment. This series has always been one of the most selling commuters in Bangladesh, along with the Pulsar and the Platina series.

People just don’t randomly choose this bike. It’s not just that the brand name of Bajaj drives the sales, either. It’s rather a combination of multiple factors. We’re going to look at these factors today and give you a pretty good idea of why you should go for the Bajaj Discover 110 if you’re looking to shop in the 100cc segment.


Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto Limited is a part of the Bajaj Group, and it’s an Indian multinational two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing company based in Pune, Maharashtra. Founded in 1945, the company is laden with 75 years of rich history.

It’s currently the world’s most valuable two-wheeler company after crossing a market capitalization of US$13.6 billion in December 2020. Bajaj Auto was ranked at 1,416 in the Forbes Global 2000 list for the year 2012.


The Bajaj Discover 110

The first Bajaj Discover 110 was an instant hit when it first came out in the Bangladeshi market. It was one of the most beautiful bikes for people as sports bikes weren’t all that popular or widespread yet. As people’s buying capability increased, the bike slowly entered the budget commuter category, where people mostly see these bikes as workhorses rather than something to enjoy on the weekends.

Being workhorses that they are, they have to live up to the expectations of people. Good mileage, excellent reliability records and good ride quality. Bajaj has delivered in all aspects, and they are continuing to improve this bike, making it increasingly more competitive.


Discover 110 Price in Bangladesh

You have the option to buy the Discover 110 with an EMI facility. Still, you have to check this with your dealer as this is not always available. You can also refer to the EMI calculator on Bajaj’s website so you can plan out your finances.

However, pricing is always subject to change depending on the market condition. So, it’s better if you contact Bajaj directly before visiting a dealer.

The current price of the Discover 110 in Bangladesh is 1,20,500 BDT. This pricing is very aggressive compared to the competition. Given the number of available features on the bike, you’ll find it very tough to find an alternative that’ll offer you this attractive of a deal.


Discover 110 Key Specifications

Bike Details

  • Brand                                             : Bajaj Motors
  • Model                                           : Bajaj Discover 110
  • Category                            : Standard Bike
  • CC Category                           : 110 CC
  • Distributor in BD     : Uttara Motors Limited
  • Price                                            : 1,20,500 BDT
  • Availability*                                : Available


Engine & Transmission

  • Exact Displacement   : 115.5 CC
  • Engine Type               : Four-stroke, Single cylinder, Two Valves, Twin Spark, SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) DTS-i Engine
  • Bore       : 50 mm
  • Stroke          : 58.6 mm
  • Max Power Output      : 8.6 PS @ 7000 RPM
  • Max Torque Output     : 9.81 NM @ 5000 RPM
  • Number of Gears                     : 4
  • Clutch                                        : Wet, Multi-Plate
  • Engine Cooling                        : Air Cooled
  • Fuel Supply                                 : Carburettor
  • Starting Method                       : Electric Starter
  • Transmission Type                   : Manual
  • Emission Standard                   : BS4


Body Dimensions

  • Fuel Tank Capacity                   : 8 Liters
  • Ground Clearance                    : 165 mm
  • Total Height                      : 1085 mm
  • Total Length                         : 2035 mm
  • Total Width                                : 760 mm
  • Seat Height                                 : 737 mm
  • Kerb Weight                        : 120 Kg
  • Wheelbase                                 : 1305 mm


Brakes, Wheels & Suspensions

  • Front Brake                                : 200 mm Disc
  • Rear Brake                                  : 110 mm Drum
  • Brake Type                                  : Traditional Braking System
  • Front Suspension                     : Telescopic Suspension with 140 mm Fork Travel
  • Rear Suspension                      : 120 mm Wheel Travel, Nitrox Shock Absorber (Gas filled)
  • Front Tyre                                   : 2.75 x 17
  • Rear Tyre                                     : 3.00 x 17
  • Tyre Type                                    : Tubeless
  • Wheel Type                                : Alloy
  • Chassis                                          : Single Down Tube


Speed & Mileage

  • Mileage (Average)                   : 77 km/l (Approx; tested in controlled environment)
  • Top Speed                                  : 90 km/h (Tested in controlled environment)



  • Battery                   :12 V, 5 Ah MF
  • Connection Type                      : DC
  • Headlight                                     : Halogen
  • Tail Light                                      : Bulb
  • Indicators                                    : Bulb



  • Engine Kill Switch                     : Yes
  • Handle Type     : Pipe
  • Fuel Gauge                                 : Yes, Analogue
  • Speedometer         : Yes, Analogue
  • Odometer                                    : Yes, Analogue
  • Clock               : Yes
  • Trip Meter                                  : Yes
  • Pass Switch                                 : Yes
  • Seat type                                     : Single Seat


Discover 110 Review

The Bajaj Discover 110 is, as stated before, a commuter bike. Commuter bikes are workhorses for their owners. They have to clear a lot of checklists for them to become sweethearts in the eyes of people. As such, their reliability, fuel efficiency, running cost, riding quality- everything has to be on point. One of the key features that’s assumed to be already there is the safety. However, given that the 110 CC is a budget category, the brands don’t really invest that much into safety features here. That’s fair considering that people don’t ride commuter bikes like sports bikes. But added safety never hurts and we never know when we may need those safety features. The thing with roads and rides is that they are always unpredictable.

So, the Bajaj Discover 110 comes with a disc in front. Seeing disc brakes may not be uncommon in the higher CC segments, but this is huge for a 110 CC bike. It gives the bikes added stability, instant braking power and tons more safety if we compare it to a bike with drum brakes.

You may think, it’s not ABS, then what’s the big deal with the disc?

But remember, the Bajaj Discover 110 doesn’t have a huge powerful engine that’ll push the bike like a rocket. Its engine is designed for a comfortable ride at a reasonable speed. A disk brake is more than enough to give the bike adequate braking power in times of emergency.

Then comes mileage. Nobody wants an oil guzzling vehicle for their daily commutes. According to our observation, The Bajaj Discover 110 is probably one of the best bikes for commutes in terms of mileage per liter. You can easily go over 60+ kilometers per liter even if you ride your bike a little bit more “enthusiastically”. If you ride your bikes a little bit more sensibly, you’ll easily get more mileage out of it. You may even be forgiven for forgetting to fill your tanks often.

The instrument cluster on this bike is a neo-retro design. This is common in the 110 CC segment. Everything that you will need is there.


Body Dimensions


Length, Width & Height: The overall length of the Bajaj Discover 110 is 2035 mm, the width being 760 mm, and the height is 1085 mm. The bike is small. This makes it ideal for the subcontinental riders. The ground clearance is at 165 mm. Again, plenty of ground clearance for Bangladeshi roads. You’ll have no issue riding in the countryside as well.

Wheelbase, Weight and Fuel Tank: The wheelbase of the Bajaj Discover 110 is 1305 mm. The compact size means you’ll be able to take high-speed corners with relative ease and confidence and the bike will not lose grip or do anything unpredictable. The 8-liter fuel tank may seem small, but with the impressive mileage of the bike, you can easily commute for 450-500 kilometers with a full tank before needing to refuel. The kerb weight of the bike is 120 kg. You may think that the weight is a bit much if compared to the other bikes of the same segment. But remember, stability is also a huge factor. Even the 110 CC bikes aren’t slow as long as the Bangladeshi roads are concerned. The extra weight of the Bajaj Discover 110 gives the bike that added stability too in high speed cruises.


Engine & Transmission


Engine: Bajaj Discover 110 carries a 115.5 CC, four-stroke, single cylinder, two valves, twin spark, SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) DTS-i engine that also complies with the BS IV emission standards. DTSi stands for Digital Twin Spark Ignition, a trademark of Bajaj Auto. Bajaj Auto holds an Indian patent for its DTSi technology.

This 115.5 CC engine tops out at 8.6 PS at 7000 RPM, and the torque tops out at 9.81 NM at 5000 RPM. In case you’re wondering, PS stands for Pferdestarke, i.e. German Horsepower. 1 Ps equals 0.98362 Bhp. If you want the engine specs in Bhp form, a simple math will do the trick for you.

Transmission: Transferring the whole engine’s power to the wheels is a 4-speed Transmission. The clutch system is a wet multi-plate operated by a toe-heel shifter.


Suspension, Brakes & Wheels

Suspension: The front of the Bajaj Discover 110 comes with a telescopic fork set up. The rear comes with a spring-loaded Nitrox (gas-filled) twin shock setup. With their 140mm fork travel, the front telescopic forks will soak the bumps and the irregularities of roads quite well. The rear Nitrox suspension has a total of 120 mm wheel travel which will also perform adequately for your city riding needs.

Brakes: One of the most impressive features of the Bajaj Discover 110 is its brakes. The front brake is a 200 mm disc while the rear is a 110 mm drum.
Wheels: Both the wheels have tubeless tyres, so no fear of sudden deflation. The front one is a 2.75 x 17 tyre, and the rear is a 3.00 x 17 tyre. Both of the wheels feature alloy wheels.


Discover 110 Review

Uttara Motors Ltd. is the main distributor of Bajaj in Bangladesh. There are many Bajaj dealers available here. As of the time of this writing, there are 312 dealers nationwide in Bangladesh. You can find a store near you using Bajaj Bangladesh’s official website. You can contact them directly via your cell phone, or you can also fill in a form on their website, and a representative will get in touch with you.



Discover 110 price in Bangladesh is still unmatched if you compare its price to performance. It’s a metric that most of the shoppers go by as just the price or the performance can’t alone say much of the bike’s value proposition. The added styling bits and the safety features of the Bajaj Discover 110 is just the cherry on top.